Tuesday, September 24, 2013

JIGG Kansai goes a wandering aka JIGG Tokai September game day

This is a bit of an off topic post as it doesn't relate directly to a JIGG Kansai game day but rather my experience at another JIGG event.
Had the chance to go to Nagoya, on 9/22, and attend a JIGG Tokai game day. It was a blast even though I was a bit sick. Game of the day for me was Tammany Hall but I was so caught up in playing that I forgot to take any pictures.
Tammany Hall recreates crooked New York politics during the Boss Tweed era. The theme was a big reason I was excited to play as I've always been interested in that period of history. The players compete to win districts in order to become mayor. The game takes place over 4 four year election cycles, so 16 turns in total, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. The game is meant to be a labyrinth of deals, double crosses and favoritism. It did not disappoint. I made one late game mistake that cost me the game but holy cow was the game intense, especially the last election cycle which saw me teaming up the with the other 1st place player just so we could hold off the other three.
Some other highlights gaming-wise: The Village w/ Tavern expansion- quick Euro game with lots of ways to win. You basically recreate life for a family in a village. Very fun and I'm looking forward to playing it more, Takenoko- simple and light hearted it made for a very fun late day game and Divinare- while the others on this list were all first attempts this was my second try at Divinare but my first time with 4 players. I enjoyed it a lot. You need to guess, as accurately as possible, the final number of cards to placed in one of four areas. You gain points for being spot-on or close and lose points for being to far off. It is themed well, plays quick, has a decent amount of strategy and some bluffing.