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Come in and check out the HOT games for JIGG Kansai.  Our group plays a huge range of games, and there's always something that is new/surprising/AWESOME.  So stay tuned.  We'll be featuring some of the fun games that have been played recently by our group.

What games are you likely to see being played?  Here are some of the board games that make a regular appearance:

Battlestar Galactica:  Betrayal in deep space.  You are among the last humans alive in the galaxy searching for the legendary home planet of human civilization--Earth.  All other humans have been destroyed by a race of robots known as the Cylon.  Unfortunately for you, the Cylon look just like humans.  Find them before they destroy all that is left of humanity.

Photo by Surya Van Lierde

Twilight Imperium:  Galactic conquest on an epic scale.  Guide your alien race to the imperial throne through space combat, diplomacy, trade, and technology.  This is a full-day experience.

Photo by Nils Ropertz

A Game of Thrones, Second Edition:  Diplomacy and backstabbing in the realm of Westros.  Lead your house in gaining enough influence to claim the iron throne of Westros.  Don't be surprised if your best ally turns out to be your worst enemy.

King of Tokyo:  Giant monsters destroy Tokyo.  Of course in order to be the King of Tokyo, you will have to destroy your feeble competition.  The last monster standing wins!

Photo by Cédric Barbé

Himalaya:  Trading with the tribes in the Himalayas.  Plan your journey through the perilous mountain passes, but beware, other traders are also plying their trade.  Will you make it to the next village before your rivals do, or will you be left empty-handed?

Photo by Miika K.

Our HOT board game of the season is:

Lords of Waterdeep:  Questing in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.  Build your team of adventurers to take out the big baddies threatening the town of Waterdeep.  The lord who helps out the town the most will become the true lord of Waterdeep.

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