Sunday, June 17, 2012

July Osaka Game Day
Date: Sunday, July 1st
Time: 9:30am to 9:30pm
Place: Naniwa-kumin Center
Map: Directions can be found here.
Participation fees: 500yen
Room capacity: 18 people

The theme for the day is Role Playing Games!

There will be some RPGs organised for the day that people can sign up for and games with a RPG feel will be welcomed. However everyone is free to bring whatever board games they like to play.  The RPG theme is a suggested 
theme only.  Players are not obligated to play an RPG or an RPG themed game.  Bring whatever board and card games that you would like to play!

Three role playing games are being planned:  Hollow Earth Expeditions, D&D 4th Edition, and Pathfinder.  DMs will be bringing pre-generated characters, so all you need to do is express an interest in playing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Game Report #1 - Agricola Part 1

This game was by far one of the most interesting games of Agricola that I've played to date. Time and again strategies failed, players were fooled and players fought to survive. It was played at boiteajeux where you can play for free:

You can buy the Japanese version of the game from

But it is highly language dependent.

The three players were Diz (BLUE), myself (RED) and Tim (PURPLE) (now living in Australia). As we sat at our respective computers Diz won the roll and got to take the first turn. A lot can be revealed by the first turn - if they take an occupation it can immediately tell you what their strategy will be, if they take grain they probably have some sort of baking minor improvement and so on. The penalty for going first is that you start with one less food than the other players, this is something to keep in mind, but seldom a problem.

Diz moved to play his first occupation, 'Fieldsman'. The Fieldsman lets you sow an extra two resources when you sow one field - a powerful card if you're only going to play a few fields. Ah ha! I thought - obviously he's going to be taking grain and plowing soon. Knowing what your opponent is probably going to do lets you prioritize your actions. I took 3 wood then Tim took 2. I was aiming to get my first room built before stage 2 started so that I could get a third worker as quickly as possible. It's a risky strategy since you can't tell exactly when the family growth card comes out, but it can pay off nicely.

Diz ploughed a field, I played Field Watchman (which lets me plough a field everytime I take grain). This meant that I could stop Diz in his plan while getting both grain and fields. An evil move for sure. Then Tim took the 'First Player' action. Now he was going to go first each round.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

As everyone is posting the upcoming games days I thought I would post about the next Osaka day as well. As I mentioned to some of you at the convention there will be a Game day at the same venue on the first Sunday of the Month from now on.

June Osaka Game Day
Date: Sunday, June 3rd
Time: 9:30am to 9:30pm
Place: Naniwa-kumin Center
Map: Directions can be found here.
Participation fees: 500yen
Room capacity: 20 people

Something I would like to do with these Game days is to have a theme to each of them, just to keep things interesting. For the first one the theme I have chosen is this.

Each person attending may only bring 1 (one) game to the event.

This means that (hopefully) we will be able to play every game at least once. Many of us have a favourite game that never makes it to the table, some of us even bring them to games days time and time again to watch them get passed over. This is your chance to play!

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