Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dr. Strangesword or How I healed myself after an agressive games day

The "Aggressive" themed game has come to pass and the healing has begun. It was a successful, long and tiring day.  The event included a Magic tournament, a beheading and lots of card based games.
The day started off breezy enough. Only ten or eleven people arrived before noon and several games of X-Wing were played as well as Nexus Ops. Around 12 or 1 o'clock the rooms started filling up and by 2pm we were at capacity and the room had to be rearranged a bit to make room for all the games. The Magic tournament got into full swing by around 3 and lots of other card games were being played as well. Taking a look around at the other games being played I saw: Spartacus, Blood Bowl, Netrunner, CoreWorlds, Dungeon Command, Survive and Citadels. Around 6 or 7 pm the crowd thinned out and the room opened up a bit but there were still plenty of folks around playing things like: Game of Thrones: The boardgame, Galaxy Trucker, Divinare, Netrunner and of course Magic.

Personally the last game I tried was a test run of Titanium Wars with my friend Eric. We broke it out just to see how it worked and suss it out a bit. It's a science fiction themed deck building game and it seems like will be a fun game with lots of chances for negotiation and broken promises. By the time we put the game back in the box it was almost 9:30 so we tidied up the room a bit, grabbed our gear and headed out. I was pretty tired after such a fun day but the walk and talk back to the station with Eric was a nice way to cap off the day.

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