Monday, January 23, 2012


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      The entry submission deadline is now over.  Stay tuned for the Judge's pick.  The Top 5.

Each entrant has been giving an entry number as per below, and each of their Logos has been assigned a letter from a-z. 

Check out these great designs that have been coming up.

Entry # 1
This great design was put up by Luke Morris from JIGG Kansai to kick us off to a fantastic start!

Entry # 2
Another great entry, this one is from Brad Weier. 

Entry # 3a
Another new entry has come in from Yannis :)

Entry # 3b

Entry # 3c

Entry # 3d

Entry # 3e - similar design with a variation in font & color

Entry # 4a
Here are some other designs by Nico :)
Entry # 4b

  Entry # 4c
  Entry # 4d

  Entry # 4e

  Entry # 5a
Nice 3D Jigg Logos from Robert Price :)  

  Entry # 5b
  Entry # 5c
  Entry # 5d

  Entry # 5e - shadows
  Entry # 5f - no background
  Entry # 6 (v01-v08 and v10 and v11) 
~ For the judges: each one of these Logos in Entry 6 is a separate entry ~
Check out these fun meeple Logos from DC :)

Entry # 7a
More Logos :) Yah! These are from Nicole.

Entry # 7b

  Entry # 8a

From Todd :)  I call this the Honeycomb :)
  Entry # 8b
  Entry # 9
This one is from ATW :)

The entry submission deadline is now over. 

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  1. These are some really nice logos! I'm doing to have to go to the drawing board to see what I can think of.