Friday, January 20, 2012


2011 was a great year for JIGG, we got a LOT of great games played, made a lot of new friends and increased our numbers. I have a good feeling that 2012 will be an even better year! So in the spirit of getting things going...
We're planning on having a presence at the Game Market in Osaka and Tokyo.

Here's where you come in
We looking for creative souls to help us design a Logo that we can print on flyers, card, t-shirts and the like. Feel free to use the current website banner as your muse, or come up with something awesomely spectacular.

I have no barely have a creative bone in my body, so we're looking to you (JIGG gamers) and your friends.
 Help us design a FANTASTIC Logo for our great Guild. If you know someone who is good at designing/arts/graphics, tell them about this great opportunity also.

thumbsup The logo should have the letters JIGG in it

thumbsup The logo can be in color, but remember it'll need to be able to be printed on various media, and sometimes it'll be printed in Black & White.

thumbsup You can enter more than one Logo.

thumbsup Send your Entries and your name to jiggtokyo (at mark) titled "JIGG LOGO COMPETITION"

thumbsup Entrants need to have a mailing address in Japan

The Deadline will February 29th, 2012.


My stick figure drawings won't cut the mustard, so in addition I'll be donating some FANTASTIC board games to the lucky winner of the competition (who will be chosen from a panel of judges - no it's not Paula from American idol). These will be HOT games.

an example of what a big prize would look like

there's no time to waste get those entries in
The competition starts now!

Click here to see the FANTASTIC ENTRIES here.

Mercedes (have any questions, feel free to post here or mail me)

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